The purposes of the District are set forth in C.R.S., §37-45-102 et seq., and are to
include, but not be limited to, the following:

1.  It is hereby declared that it is the purpose of the District to provide for the
conservation of water resources within the District in order to insure the
greatest beneficial use of water within the District.

2.  It is the purpose of the District to encourage and assist in theconstruction
and maintenance of water projects which:

A.  Are for the public benefit and advantage to residents of the District.

B.  Provide supplemental irrigation water to agricultural lands and to deliver
water from Jackson Gulch Reservoir, and from such other water sources as the
District may acquire, for any beneficial use.

C.  Promote the comfort,  safety,  health and welfare of the people of  the District.
About Us
The Mancos Water Conservancy District was established on January 6, 1941. It is
comprised of a five-member board of directors each representing a specific
division within the Mancos Valley. Interested residents of said division are asked
to submit a letter to the County Offices and are appointed to a four-year term by
the County Judge.  Officers are President, Vice President and Secretary, seated by
an election each year. Meetings are held at a set date and time each month.

Operation and maintenance of the project was handled by the Bureau of
Reclamation until January 1, 1963 at which time it was turned over to the Mancos
Water Conservancy District. The District is responsible for all aspects of the
Mancos Project.

The Mancos Water Conservancy District (the District) employs one full-time
manager/superintendent who is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the
entire project.