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Mancos Water Conservancy District
Board Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of
every month.  Time: 7:00 PM,
District office: 42599 Road N,
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Jackson Gulch Reservoir content is at 37%
Mancos River Call.  
Priority Running: THE RIVER is at:  
CALL: Russell Crangle
@ 970-403-6440
P 970-882-2213  |  F 970-882-4640  
1321 Railroad Avenue, P.O.B. 1047, Dolores,
CO  81323

Mancos State Parks will still require boats to be
inspected/have seal prior to launch and will
provide inspections.  The entrance station is
open with staff and hosts certified as
inspectors and provide inspections and
decontaminations.  The decontamination unit
will remain on site.
CALL 533-7325, BEFORE 6:00 P. M.  

A bill to amend the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 to
modify the terms of the Jackson Gulch rehabilitation project in
Colorado, and for other purposes.
This bill will allow the District to have a cost share into the
rehabilitation project.
Sep 25, 2019 — Ordered Reported
S. 860: Jackson Gulch Rehabilitation Project Modification Act
Last Action: Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Ordered
to be reported with an amendment favorably.
Explanation: The committees assigned to this bill sent it to the
House or Senate as a whole for consideration on September 25,
Trackers: H.R. 1936: Jackson Gulch Rehabilitation Project
Modification Act, S. 3069: Jackson Gulch Rehabilitation Project
Modification Act.

If you have questions please contact Gary Kennedy @ 970-533-7325
These bills S. 860 amend P.L. 111-11 allowing the District to claim credit for funds
that they have spent from  their reserves on the rehabilitation project despite the
Federal cost share.

Project Start with:
2004: Engineering.  
2005 – 2013: With canal failure being imminent, work began in 2005 and
continued through 2013 when funding became limited.
2009: March 30, 2009 P.L.111-11 was signed by the President.     
The 1st and only Federal appropriations of $1,750,000 was passed in 2010.
2018: Additional cost for engineering of additional rehabilitation projects for 2019
and 2020 at $62,880. 2019: Needs are $2,500,000 to complete the rehabilitation.  
2019: Total Cost to date - $3,966,340.  
District has Funded: $2,216,340 @ 56%. (35%)
Federal has Funded: $1,750.000 @ 44%  (65%)
Weather Underground PWS KCOMILLW2
March 2nd the West Mancos river diversion for Jackson Gulch
Reservoir was opened. The Flow reached the reservoir on March 3rd.